1956 Thunderbird

This is a photo of Bernie and his 1956 Thunderbird convertible. This beautiful Peacock Blue T-Bird is equipped with the second generation powerplant, a 312 cubic inch, 215 h.p. V-8 with a four barrel carb and has a 3 speed manual transmission with a floor shifter and also has a Columbia 2 speed rear end. This car was built at Ford’s Dearborn Michigan assembly plant and is one of the later cars of the 1956 production. The rarest of the Thunderbirds, there were only 15,631 built in the 1956 production run. Improvements over the 1955 model included porthole windows in the hard top version to improve driver visibility and the spare tire was moved from the trunk to a continental kit mounted on the rear bumper to increase trunk space. Standard equipment included energy absorbing passenger side instrument panel padding, a concave safety steering wheel, safety door latches and a shatter resistant mirror. Seat belts were optional. The original base price for the convertible was $3,019.00 With options the price could jump tp $3,800.00