1983 Mazda RX-7

Pictured here is “Buzz” and his 1983 Mazda RX-7 GS. Buzz purchased this car brand new and has owned the car ever since. The car is in remarkable condition considering it is driven all the time, during the summer months.

Mazda first introduced the RX-7 mid year 1978 as a 1979 model. Mazda was trying to fill a niche for an affordable and contemporary sports car, and the RX-7 was an instant hit. Mazda had been using their rotary engine in sedans and pick-up trucks for about eight years and decided to give Felix Wankel’s rotary engine a chance as a sports car engine. Mazda took advantage of the 12A twin rotor engine’s small physical size and positioned it behind the front wheels giving the car a 50/50 front to rear weight distribution. The suspension components were not anything special (it used struts up front and a solid rear axle) but the way the parts were located and supported gave the RX-7 a good sports car feel.

By the time 1983 rolled around, the car had been refined with leather seats, power windows, cruise control, alloy wheels, limited slip differential and four wheel disc brakes in the GSL model. It was equipped with the 12A twin rotor Wankel engine that developed 100 bhp @6000 rpm. It was 1146cc and used a two stage 4 barrel carburetor. Fuel mileage was 21 city / 30 highway. The front suspension was independant MacPhearson strut with a sway bar and coil springs. The rear used a solid axle with 4 trailing arms, Watt linkage, coil springs and a sway bar. The 1983 GS model retailed at $9,095.00.