Car Of The Month

1961 Corvette

First introduced in January of 1953, the Corvette has grown in stature as the years have gone by. Starting with a 253 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine, the Corvette has grown in power and sophistication as well as transforming aesthetically as time has passed. Very few vehicles elicit the same kind of satisfaction as the Corvette. It has become a symbol of childhood dreams and grown up success.

This 1961 Corvette belongs to a Clavey Auto customer. This car was built in the St. Louis, MO. plant and came standard with a tachometer, seat belts, sun visors, dual exhaust, carpeting, electric clock, an outside rearview mirror, lockable rear seat storage area and the then new aluminum radiator. It is one of 1,580 cars equipped with Rochester fuel injection. This injected 283 cubic inch V-8 develops 275 horsepower. Coupled to a manual transmission and a rear axle with a 3.63:1 ratio, it was quite a performer.

The car had a base price of $3,934.00. In addition it has optional wide whitewall tires (1961 was the last year they were available) that cost $31.55, a heater at $102.25, and a signal seeking Wonderbar radio at $137.50. 1961 was also the last year for a contrasting paint color in the door cove that was priced at $16.15. The 275 HP V-8 with fuel injection was an additional $484.20.

The Corvette was always a 2 seater vehicle and Chevy has always offered and included features that were sophisticated enough to please customers. The only true American Sports Car, built by an American car manufacturer, the Corvette stands for excellence and became an icon as a high-performance and dynamic sports vehicle.