Tire Services

Clavey Auto Service is an associate dealer for many of the more popular brands of tires. Although we do not keep an inventory of tires in our building, we are supported by several local distributors who can deliver the tire you need the same day. We also have an association with some National Distributors who will ship any tire in stock overnight, so we will have delivery on the next day. Our service advisors are well versed in tire technology and are able to guide you in choosing the tire best suited for your car as well as your personal driving requirements. Our technicians perform a FREE inspection of your tires for damage and/or wear at every oil change. We also offer the following tire related services:

-Tire repair – We use the newest technology to repair nail punctures, by installing a plug/patch.

-Tire rotation – We recommend rotating tires to equalize the wear so all 4 tires wear evenly.

-Computerized wheel balancing – Balancing of the wheel and tire assembly reduces vibration and helps ensure even tire wear.

-Wheel Alignment – A periodic adjustment made to the vehicle so the tires point in the correct direction and contact the pavement at the specified angle, helps the vehicle to track correctly, with no pulling or drifting, and reduces uneven tire wear caused by dragging or pushing along the pavement.

-Nitrogen Inflation – The newest addition to tire technology is inflating the tires with nitrogen. Since nitrogen expands and contracts less than air, there will be less of a tire pressure change due to changes in temperature. The use of nitrogen reduces the amount of oxygen on the inside of the tire that can cause oxidation of the tire lining. Many new vehicles come from the factory with nitrogen in the tires and can be identified by the green caps on the inflation valves.

We can supply various tire brands. Here are some of the tire brands that we can provide you: